The Crane Creek Country Club “Renovation Experience”

A short case study


Testing and managing the soil is critical. This often-overlooked step should always be the first place to start when the goal is to maximize nutrient efficiency, mobility and ultimate availability to the plant.  After we thoroughly test and analyze the soil, Quattro  will assist the superintendent to develop a custom application of our FOUNDATION material and foliar nutrients to fulfill the specific mineral and nutrient needs of each site.

The best way to increase the overall mobility of nutrients in soil is to balance its mineral elements, and “feed the soil” by increasing the beneficial bacteria activity.  Amino sugars, humic acids and high-protein fiber meals function to reduce the physical stress on the plant itself by helping to feed microbes, which will in turn help to more efficiently mobilize nutrients to the plant.

To achieve this on various play areas at Crane Creek, the following QuattroGolf products were applied:


                    Per 1,000 sq.ft.

A.  Fairways:

SPECTRUM @ 5 gals/acre                    =    14.69 ozs

FOUNDATION @ 2,000 lbs/acre         =    45.91 lbs

CORNERSTONE @ 3 gals/acre            =    8.82 ozs 

B.  Greens:

SPECTRUM @ 5 gals/acre                   =    14.69 ozs

FOUNDATION @ 2,000 lbs/acre         =    45.91 lbs

CORNERSTONE 0-0-3 @ 3 gals/acre   =    8.82 ozs

C.  Problem Soils:

FOUNDATION @ 4,000 lbs/acre         =    91.83 lbs

Humic Shale @ 500 lbs/acre                 =    11.48 lbs

The above-referenced treatments of SPECTRUM, FOUNDATION and CORNERSTONE are best applied on both fairways and greens in tandem with proper mechanical aerification.  This counters damage to the soil structure brought on by the physical pressure of golf foot traffic and by the extended use (and inevitable over-use) of salt-based fertilizers.  The top-dressing of greens, without mechanical aerification, is similarly treated with SPECTRUM and CORNERSTONE, along with the greens-grade protein-rich FOUNDATION.

Crane Creek Country Club, Boise, Idaho, Spring 2007, after being reconstructed using QuattroGolf|USA “Growing Soil” Technologies.