Foundation “sets the stage” for healthy turf by addressing soil chemistry and rebuilding the soil food web. Foundation is a natural, protein-rich, dry soil amendment fortified with micronutrients and humic shale derived from leonardite.  

Foundation “Greens Grade” can be used in conjunction with aeration and top-dress cycles to speed recovery and heal-up of putting surfaces.

Foundation “Fairways” is for use on tees, fairways, or roughs to address problem soils, and difficult growing conditions.

Foundation is a powerful tool, useful for buffering for salts and mineral imbalances while boosting organic matter on all areas of the golf course.
Spectrum is a bio-stimulant liquid complex of humic enzymes, bacteria, cytokinins, and sarsaponin surfactant. When used on turf, Spectrum induces rapid expansion of the desirable microbial activity in the soil, enhancing conditions for strong root growth, and increased uptake of minerals and nutrients. Very effective when used alone, and when used in tandem with our Foundation product, the pair are a potent combination, producing vital and healthy turf on all areas of the golf course.

Improved color, stress resistance, reduced nutrient requirement, and reductions in water requirements are visible benefits from use of this product.
Landmark®  7-21-1 “The Nutritional Building Block"
Landmark® patented nitrogen and phosphate formulation with zinc, made with exclusive highly refined humus-based organics, provides a proven fertility base from which specific turf nutrition programs can be designed.

The humus-based organics in Landmark® have a high CEC (cation exchange capacity). QuattroGolf | USA’s formulation increases the soil’s ability to hold cations (iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, etc).  

Landmark® protects phosphate from tie-up and reduces nitrogen loss. QuattroGolf | USA’s proprietary technology offers a nutritional formulation with a high anion holding capacity. This unique characteristic protects two of the most important anions in plant nutrition in the following manner:     

1. Landmark® holds nitrates longer in an available form in the root zone and prevents them from leaching.
2. Landmark® reduces phosphate fixation and prevents the loss of applied phosphates in acid soil reactions with aluminum and iron, and in calcareous soils with calcium. As a result, a higher level of readily available phosphate is provided.

Landmark® stimulates nutrient uptake. Good assimilation of phosphorus and zinc in the early stages of plant growth stimulates accelerated root expansion and results in uniform, vigorous plant growth. It can be placed directly under or close to germinating seeds so that young root systems can grow immediately into the nutrient band without danger of phytotoxicity. It assists in rapid, turf development, even in saline and cold soils.


Calcium stimulates root and leaf development and forms compounds, which are part of the cell walls. Better cell wall structure, means stronger, more vigorous turf that plays better.

An excellent alternative to gypsum for delivering calcium to deficient turfgrass and soils, Benchmark 7% Ca can be fertigated.                 

Cornerstone® 0-0-3

An effective agent for increased efficiency and magnifying the effectiveness of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium liquid fertilizers,CORNERSTONE contains 22% organic acids extracted from leonardite and other soluble organic complete carbohydrates in a patented formulation where all three components of stable soil humus (humins, fulvic and humic acid) are isolated.

The humin constituents of the organic acids in CORNERSTONE retain nitrates in the root zone by creating anion exchange sites that bond with nitrate ions.  The organics then form colloids around soil particles and hold the nitrogen against leaching from the root zone.  The organic acids in CORNERSTONE are effective cation exchangers, thus maintaining potassium and ammonium ions in soil solution for both immediate and prolonged utilization.  CORNERSTONE protects the roots from the damaging phytotoxic effects of ammonium compounds.

Research and experience have determined the proper amount of organic acids to react with nitrogen and potassium to be at a 50:1 ratio.  For every 50 pounds of actual N and K2O fertilizer, one pound of organic acids such as CORNERSTONE will provide adequate exchange sites for increased efficiency.  This increased efficiency of nitrogen has been measured at a minimum of 20% in most conditions tested, and reductions of total nitrogen input as high as 50% are not uncommon.  CORNERSTONE weighs 10.0 lbs per gallon, and carries over 2 lbs of organic acids per gallon.  Therefore an application of 150 lbs of N/acre would require the addition of 1.5 gallons of CORNERSTONE prior to the application.



Milestone® is a balanced foliar nutrient that is extremely effective when applied to turf. Turfgrass that has been stressed or suffered adverse growing conditions will benefit from the organic acid contained in this nutrient solution.

The blend of N-P-K with zinc, iron, and manganese provides the basic formulation for growth and root development. The wetting action of the organics will aid in the uptake of the micronutrients and N-P-K.


Sustainable High Performance Solutions
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Tournament Ready®  Soil Surfactant by KALO®

Put localized dry turf away for good with the natural, long-lasting power of TOURNAMENT-READY Soil Surfactant.

•Provides golf superintendents and professional turf managers with effective control and prevention of soil hydrophobic conditions.

•Improves soil moisture content, turf color and quality compared to other wetting agents.

•Environmentally safe ingredients.

•Easy to apply.

•Ideal for golf course greens and tees, athletic fields, parks and residential and commercial lawns.

•New University data shows residual performance after 14 weeks of application.