QuattroGolf | USA -- focused on developing and delivering leading-edge, sustainable technologies to Turf Professionals.

Our array of soil amendment and foliar plant nutrient products was specifically developed to assist in managing turf in an economical, environmentally-sensitive, and sustainable manner.

Using these high-technology products, turf managers will realize reduced water use and reduced nutrient input requirements. Additionally, healthier turf and soil conditions will result in increased resistance to pathogens, and therefore reduced pesticide use.

QuattroGolf|USA technology is based on the proprietary, patented manufacture of ultra high quality plant nutrients utilizing liquid organic acids (humics) extracted from leonardite. QuattroGolf | USA humics have a rich combination of organic molecules that are both plant and soil active.

In today’s world of spiraling NPK prices, and increasingly stringent regulatory environments, we offer Turf Professionals an effective set of high performance tools, which are at once, respectful to the environment, and to the bottom-line. Let us show you how we can get to work for you today.